Mobility Labs Says Farewell To Our Social Media Specialist

A critical component of our web content strategy has been our social media outreach. For the past several months we have been very lucky to have Kathleen Taggart managing our social media, but now she is moving on to full-time position elsewhere.

Sean Perkins, owner of Mobility Labs, describes her contribution this way:

When Mobility Labs decided to prioritize social media, we knew we needed someone who could communicate our love of people and technology. Kathleen was able to provide the voice and personality that increased our community from one to hundreds. Our company is better because of her contribution.

Kathleen has taken a position with Blue Laser Design where she will manage Google AdWords, Analytics and SEO accounts and projects for a variety of clients. She describes Blue Laser Design as “a boutique website design and marketing agency in downtown Columbus.”

We hope what she learned at Mobility Labs will help her as she moves up along a very promising career path. She described her experience as follows:

“Working with Mobility Labs was such a great experience for me. Not only was I collaborating with a team of talented professionals, but more importantly, I was able to learn and create with genuine and caring people. Their open mindedness allowed me to experiment with all sorts of social media and marketing methods and I’m happy to say I’ve taken what I’ve learned at Mobility Labs on to my next career path.”

Some of her favorite highlights include:

  • Mobility Labs website launch and Ted’s bulletin pop tarts!
  • Meetings at blind dog w/ cookies and lattes 🙂
  • The amazing atmosphere at Affinity Lab
  • breaking 100 Facebook likes

All is not lost, though. While we will miss Kathleen, we are very excited about the person who will be taking over her responsibilities here, coming next month. But more about that later.

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