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Services Provided
  • Product Design
  • Project Management
  • Software Development
November 2013
Project kick off
January 2014
Remote user feedback
March 2014
Deliver working prototype to waiting users
October 2014
Add partner functionality based on real world use
Open source the codebase of PDredesign
April 2016
Add new tools to the toolkit

Reinventing Professional Development for Teachers

PDredesign is a digital toolkit and community of practice dedicated to improving professional development for educators. The Readiness Assessment and other PDredesign tools were collaboratively designed with school districts who wanted to support their teachers through more relevant, flexible, timely and interactive professional development opportunities. These tools are freely available on PDredesign.org and can be used by any school district to transform existing professional development systems to better support teachers in the classroom.

Our process in building the tools

Mobility Labs user tested every step of the way. Consistently and unbiasedly collecting feedback before development sprints enabled us to create a tool that resonated with our audience.

The Readiness Assessment has been critical to improving our conversations about professional development.

Bryan Joffe, AASA

Understand how your district’s current PD system is structured and determine where to focus collective \ energy for improvement.

The Readiness Assessment

There is a high need for schools and districts to capture this information in one place.

Amanda Smith, TNTP

Get a complete picture of what data and technology systems are currently in use across departments.

Data and Tech Inventory

We can now easily identify the tools no one uses and build upon the ones that are working.

Margie Johnson, Metro Nashville Public Schools

Perform a deep dive analysis into how data systems and technology support teacher professional development across several key areas.

Data and Tech Analysis

Results of pdredesign

Teachers from across the nation have used the Readiness Assessment, the Data and Tech Inventory, and the Data and Tech Analysis to gain insight across their districts’ tools to inform pd decisions.

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