Will the Internet Become a Nicer Place?

Aside from the horrifying depths of 4chan, one of the most toxic places online is actually pretty mainstream: the comments on YouTube. Many social media strategists, who generally advocate open engagement with an audience, will suggest turning comments off when YouTube is discussed.

One of the odd consequences is that nobody reads YouTube comments. So the most toxic stuff online, even though it’s right there in front of most everyone, is largely invisible. Still, wouldn’t it be nice if you could comment and discuss these videos somewhere? A lot of people have developed work-arounds–posting videos on YouTube but providing a comment board on some other site. But Google, the owner of YouTube, has finally woken up to the problem.

In an attempt to make YouTube comments something we can all use, they are rolling out changes to the system. The biggest change is that comments will now be tied to the users Google+ profile. The goal is to force people to take more responsibility for their comments.

Not everyone is pleased. One of the original founders of YouTube commented on one of his original videos for the first time, complaining about the new requirement.

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