Why Collaborative Workspaces Rule

This post on the Clovest website, by Clovest founder Karan Jain, does a great job of expressing why we are so happy to work out of Affinity Lab. He mentions Mobility owner Sean Perkins, along with some of the people who are often part of the Mobility team:

It was Sam, offering us help with those damn Facebook share buttons. It was Sean, constantly getting us to rethink our user experience (and threshold for buying farm fresh milk). It was Alina, showing us about The Noun Project that gave us the tools to make our first not-quite-video-but-free-alternative, Prezi.  It was Chris, offering his perspective in working with kids to get them to do what they ought to be doing (similar to having people sign up for Dwolla). It was Andy, always keeping us focused on thinking how to scale. It was Dan, giving us a crash course in Google Analytics. It was other Dan, keeping us calm in the face of angry customer (not plural– there was only one). It was Kevin, helping with side project (again, not plural– there is only one) to keep us sane. …


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