The Real Reasons Behind the Choice of Web Content Management Systems

Most clients are aware that they need to make a decision about a content management system as part of their website development or redesign process. Often they have strong opinions about which one they need. Most developers have a pretty good idea of the ins and outs of various CMS platforms. Many have a favorite.

Our experience in talking with clients that have come to us from other developers, as well as potential clients and peers, is that there is something of a gap between developers and clients in communicating the basis and impact of choosing a particular web content management system.

So, instead of just broadcasting our ideas, we thought it might be a good idea to ask both developers and website owners what factors they feel are most important. Perhaps these results will help us better communicate during this important stage in the decision making process.

For the remainder of October, we will be running a survey over Facebook asking a series of questions. We believe the results will be valuable to everyone, so please like our page, take the survey when it goes live, and stay tuned to find out the results.

The benefits that everyone will receive from participating include:

Being heard

Finding out what others think

An additional benefit for one random survey taker will be:  an Amazon gift card for $50.

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