Mobility Labs Retreat in Medellin Colombia, The Tango Tour

Mobility Labs is in the second week of our first team retreat in Medellin, Colombia. Mobility Labs team members from the New York and Washington, DC offices have made IMG_6116the trip along with members who normally work from as far away as Berlin. All these travelers join the team working out of the Medellin office for two weeks of work and fun.


The purpose of the retreat is to discuss emerging trends, share knowledge and experience, refine some processes, and collaborate on internal development projects. We believe the result will be to enhance those qualities that make Mobility Labs successful as well as to bring new members more firmly into our collaborative culture.

Fun is also an important part of this event. We have already been to some of the fascinating parks, trails, and restaurants in the city and surrounding area. Thursday we went on a tango tour that included lessons. Here are some pictures, there are more on the Facebook page. Coming soon will be photos from our paragliding expedition.


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