Mobility Labs Attends Education Summit in Colombia

This past week Mobility Labs attended the first National Education Education Summit-038Summit in Medellin, Colombia. The summit, titled “Primera Cumbre Nacional de Educación,” brought together over 11,000 educators, administrators, service providers, and government officials to discuss the future of education in Colombia.

Four main topic areas were covered: the importance of policy in education, redefining the social and human identity of teachers, the quality of education, and the role of the business sector through public-private partnerships.

A primary theme of the conference is summed up by the phrase “Educación = Liberdad.” Education is seen as a primary tool in raising people out of poverty, steering young people away from illegal activity, and bringing more technology and connectedness to the often isolated rural regions of this country.

The attendance and enthusiasm found in this conference reinforces what we’ve been seeing in Colombia for some time: education is a top national priority, and there is a commitment here to innovation and change.

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