How Has the Shutdown Affected Federal Websites?

One consequence of the government shutdown is that some popular federal agency websites have disappeared. Others are still available, though every one we tried at least had some kind of notice about the shutdown in place.

The shutdown of many of the websites was predicted online. This Washington Post article is a good summary.

Taking a quick look, we noted that responses ranged from the website, which merely to states that the shutdown is in effect:

usa notice

To the website, which allows access to all content, but points out that the material is not being updated:

nih notice

To the Library of Congress website, which provides links to the THOMAS database and one other database, but no other content:

LOC shutdown

To the NASA website, which is not only down, but the URL is actually redirected to a shutdown notice on the website:

nasa notice

While there may be no clear logical separation between these different responses, it is worth noting that those websites that are explicitly funded for public education are the most likely to be completely shut down at this point.

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