Help Us Present at SXSWedu 2016!

Technology ClassroomMobility Labs is excited to announce that we’ll not only be attending SXSWedu, but we’re also sharing the exciting things we’ve been working on. Our team has submitted proposals for five sessions at SXSWedu, but we’ll need your help to make these sessions happen!

SXSWedu uses crowdsourcing to choose the sessions they’ll offer, so check out our session proposals below and feel free to share them with your friends (and your enemies-consider it an olive branch).

Let’s Play: Educational Games for Early Childhood

In this 15-minute talk, we’ll share how to make games great learning tools and what to consider when designing or evaluating games for young children. At Mobility Labs, our areas of expertise include early childhood education, curriculum development, blended learning, game design, UI/UX design, mobile app development, web app development, and user testing, enabling us to explore this problem from a variety of perspectives.


Find Your Twitter PLN: An Edchat Love Story (Panel) and (Future 15)

 Twitter for teacher professional development? You bet! Teachers have been connecting on Twitter through live Twitter events called “edchats,” where they can collaborate, mentor/be mentored, discuss education, and share resources. This session will help audience members navigate the Twitterverse to access quality professional learning and build their PLN (personal learning network). We will also discuss resources to moderate, analyze, and grow edchats as well as the potential impact of edchats on teacher professional development.


Designing Edtech with Educator Voice

Creating great edtech products is hard. Creating them without the end user is impossible.

We’ll discuss ways that educators can ensure their voices are being heard during the design and development of new products. This includes developing technology internally at the district level and also software that edtech companies are creating for them. We will share how we include educators in our design process and will invite technology/business leaders to talk about their own processes.


Teacher Voice in the Design Process

Ever wondered what design thinking or user-centered design in education technology products are? Are you interested in getting involved with the development of edtech products?

At this session, we’ll discuss ways that educators can ensure their voices are being heard during the design and development of new products.


And remember: Only you can help us present at SXSWedu.

[Photo by Laurie Sullivan on Flickr, made available under an Attribution 2.0 Generic license]


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