Getting Teachers Excited About Teaching

Mova MóvilOn the morning of September 23rd, as part of the Mova’s teacher training at the Rodrigo Correa School in Medellín, Colombia, we had the opportunity to share the Medellín Heritage app with a group of 20 teachers.

The Mova Móvil, a truck transformed into a moving lab, set the stage of the conversation in which instructors gave talks to bring teachers and administrators on board with Mova, the mayor’s office program for teacher training.

We heard their ideas and opinions on how they would use the Medellín Heritage application in the classroom. They were excited by the possibilities.

“Can you search for Montecristo?” asked one teacher. Guillermo Zuluaga “Montecristo” is the most famous Colombian comedian and humorist of the century. The teacher was delighted to find his statue–one of the most recent updates in Medellín’s sculptural heritage, and evidence that the application was up-to-date.

Mova Móvil - 2

Teachers brainstormed ways the tool could be used in the classroom for different subjects: One Spanish teacher imagined herself doing a virtual tour using the map while telling her students stories about national heroes; an art teacher suggested a Play-Doh sculpting activity based on the app’s images; and a math teacher wanted to use the app for test questions, such as calculating the area between a set of sculpture points.

We at Mobility Labs find it very rewarding to see how the tools we build are helping teachers think creatively about their educational content, turning the classroom into a more dynamic, entertaining learning space.

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