Empathy Should be a Presidential Prerequisite

Here at Mobility Labs, we root for the good guys and gals. We aspire to live in a world that offers fair and equal opportunity to everyone, regardless of their skin tone, gender, or choice in Netflix series (among many other things). Usually, when it comes to political stuff we keep to ourselves. What has astonished us more than anything else about this election is that someone who has exhibited zero empathy for others’ wellbeing has managed to recruit such a large and passionate following.

Decades ago, Swiss developmental psychologist Jean Piaget, postulated that humans usually develop empathy for others around 7 years of age. Studies since then have shown that babies as young as nine months old, show empathy by offering caring gestures while witnessing another baby cry. Empathy is the ability to see yourself in someone else’s shoes, sincerely. The site Biglybad.com was made to demonstrate the unequivocal lack of empathy Trump exudes, in this case exhibiting behaviors related to Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Because of the GoldWater Rule, psychologists are discouraged from publicly diagnosing individuals without face-to-face consultation, however some mental health professionals have weighed in on Trump’s narcissism anyways.

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