If you watch closely when you go to today’s Google Doodle (12/9/2013), you’ll notice a moth fly out of grace-hopper-cobol-2013-12-09-011the huge computer. This is a reference to what some believe to be the first use of the term “bug” to describe a problem with computer code.

The Google Doodle celebrates the 107th birthday of Grace Hopper, an important figure in the development of computer software, and co-inventor of the language COBOL. Somewhere between 1945 and 1947, a moth was discovered in a relay on the computer she was working on. The moth was removed and taped to the log-book. Hopper wasn’t the person who actually found the moth, but she often told the story, and the term “bug” has since been ascribed to her. The idea of “de-bugging” software, or code also is often associated with her work.



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