Consulting, SEO, and your Personal Trainer

When you go to a personal trainer, you don’t expect her to just do something to make you more fit. You are asking for her to challenge you, lead you in the right direction, and to instruct you in the proper techniques. But you have to do what she says.

This is how the core client relationship should work. Yes, if you need web development, graphic design, etc., we will end up doing much of the implementation. But when it comes to being responsible for your brand, coming up with a web content strategy that will take your business model to the next level, or making serious decisions about your technology infrastructure that enable you and your staff to shine–you need to be in there pushing yourself.

When you go to a personal trainer, you need to trust that person. You need to know that she is qualified, has a deep understanding of physiology, nutrition, exercise, as well as psychology. She needs to understand your goals and your limitations. If you’re paying someone to yell at you for an hour or so, then go home without having paid any attention, you are doing more harm than good.

At Mobility Labs, we look at a client relationship as a partnership–both sides are working for the same goals. We want you to succeed, but we need you to be as invested in that success as we are. We’ll bring everything we have, all the knowledge, experience, and dedication we are known for–but you will still only get out what you put in.


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