Connected Intelligence Study: Tablet Users Prefer Wi-Fi

According to a report out of The NPD’s Connected Intelligence group, 65% of tablet users are using Wi-Fi only. This means that 90% of tablet users are using Wi-Fi some of the time. These are consumers but this applies to enterprises because the reason consumers are using Wi-Fi is the lower costs associated with Wi-Fi connections.

Should your organization purchase tablets with broadband data radios or stick with Wi-Fi? This depends on usage. If the device is expected to be used at home or in your office, a Wi-Fi radio should be enough. If your employees are using these devices for presentations in front of clients, it might be best to provide them with a device with more than Wi-Fi. The devices should be able to find their way to your website/enterprise tools even when your client’s Wi-Fi is not working. This makes you or your employees look better prepared when they are not fussing with WEP keys and Access points at a meeting.

No matter the use of each individual device, wireless campuses are becoming a must according to this study. To get the most out of these new mobile tools provide the wireless infrastructure for your employees to use them. Mobility Labs has the experience you need to setup a secure, wireless network for enterprise mobility.


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