Affinity Lab brown bag lunch

This post is the companion piece to the brown bag lunch presentation I did at Affinity Lab today.


Collaboration apps are any apps that encourage collaboration with clients or coworkers. These include productivity suites like Google Apps and cloud storage like Dropbox and Box. The top contenders for space on my smartphone, laptop, and a bookmark in my browser are:

Google Apps

Google Apps is the perfect complement to a small business. Small businesses need email, calendars, and office documents.


Dropbox – Android/iOS – Free

Box -Android/iOS – Free

Office Suite 5 – Android – 9.99

Time Savers

Time savers are the apps that, you guessed it, save me time. Often this savings is because I can do things in real time instead of when I get home.

Freshbooks Camp

Freshbooks is invoicing, accounting, and billing in the cloud. The cost is about the same as Quickbooks over the course of a year but I like the access anywhere style.

TimeDroid for Freshbooks – Android – 4.99

Minibooks – iOS – 14.99

Quickbooks Camp

Quickbooks comes in two flavors, running on your Win/Mac machine or running on theirs. Much functionality is lost with the web based version but it is accessible anywhere.

Its About Time – Android – 8.99

Quicktimer – iOS -8.99

Business Card Scanners

Camcard – Android/iOS – 11.99/6.99

Business Card Reader – Android/iOS – 4.99/5.99

WorldCard Mobile – Android/iOS -5.99/6.99

Receipt/Document Scanning

Camera + Cloud Storage – Android/iOS – Free

This is the easiest system and the one I keep coming back to. I take a picture and then upload it to Google Docs in my receipt or document folder. I see no reason to change it from a picture.

CamScanner – Android/iOS – 4.99

This app works great and enhances the image a bit by making the white brighter and the blacks darker.

Bank and Credit Card Apps

This depends on your bank or credit card as to what is offered. Just search on either iPhone or Android markets to check.


Reminders/Task Apps

Toodledo – Browser based – 14.99/yr

This is a browser based task manager. I love it!! Set your homepage to it and never miss a deadline again.

DGT GTD – Android – Free

DGT GTD Toodledo – Android – Free

Toodledo – iOS – 1.99

Google Tasks

Gtasks – Android/iOS – 3.99/2.99

Pakoomba – Android – Free

This app is getting mentioned because it makes call reminders so easy. If a call is missed or really short it automatically places a reminder to call that person later. All the options are customizable so it can fit any use I can think of. My Mom has never been so happy…and my clients too.


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