5 Things That Can Kill Your Web Site

Most web content articles focus on what you should be doing, but almost as important is what you should not be doing.  Some ingrained habits are as detrimental to your website as not posting content.  Here are some of the worst offenders:

1.  PDFs:  First and foremost, stop locking data up in a PDF.  I cringe every time a client calls with a request to “put this PDF on the web.”  It can’t be done.  The only way to distribute PDFs is as a downloadable file.  It’s not a web format, and never was.   Since all PDFs start as text, it’s simple to post the content as HTML, which is easily read online and easily found by Google.   You can post a link to a PDF at the end of your article.

2.  Confusing design:  Simple is good.  Complicated is bad.   Graphics and snazzy design have their place, but most web content doesn’t benefit from being wrapped in fancy graphics.  Strive to stick to one easy to read font for all your posts.

3.  Large image files: Small is beautiful.  No site benefits from large image files, particularly if they are presented in a slide show.  Learn how to create the smallest possible images files, particularly if your site is picture heavy.

4.  Boring content:  Don’t junk up your home page with mission statements and long-winded descriptions of what you do.  Do put up a one or two sentence description of your site for first time visitors.  If visitors want more information, they’ll go to your about page.

5.  Flash:  Don’t use Flash.  Ever. There are better ways to display video and fancy effects now.


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